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A delicious box of twelve Dinkiez including Christmas favourites Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Champagne, Mulled Wine and Eggnog, as well as other best-selling Dinkiez flavours.


(flavours included may differ from the photographs)


Dinkiez are chocolate teacakes with a wafer base, a soft whipped mousse filling and covered in chocolate.


Dinkiez are suitable for vegetarians (no gelatin) but do contain gluten, wheat, egg, nuts and dairy. 


Maximum order of two boxes per transaction please. If you wish to order more, please email dinkiezteacakes@gmail.com for a quote. Thank you. 

Dinkiez Christmas Flavours Box

  • Our postage charge is £3.50 for a maximum of two boxes per transaction. Please allow seven working days for delivery.

    Please note, Dinkiez are very fragile and though we take every precaution to make sure they arrive safely, (using bubble-wrap, tissue paper, bespoke packaging,) we cannot guarantee that there won't be the odd crack or imperfection. This shouldn't affect the taste or enjoyment in any way!